Myth Busting: Not Your Grandma's Shoes

Orthotics can be a helpful treatment for anyone regardless of age. Actually addressing an issue earlier may be helpful in preventing the condition from worsening or in slowing down its progression. Painful arches, sore heels & bunions are foot problems that can affect anyone from kids to seniors.

Orthotics have been given the stereotype of only being for 'old people'. And there may be more of a need for orthotics as we age since our ligaments and tendons stretch out and muscles tend to become weaker. These changes can cause our arches to slowly collapse making us more prone to injuries in our feet, knees & hips. But regardless of age feet undergo a great deal of stress, and orthotics can often be an effective treatment.

And just because you wear orthotics doesn't mean that you have to be sentenced to wearing "unfashionable-clunky-orthopaedic-grandma shoes".

Your shoes are important as they act as the foundation for your foot and provides a base of support for the orthotic to sit on. Although footwear choice is important, most times an orthotic can be discreetly fit into fashionable footwear. Supportive shoes can also be attractive, many shoe companies now make shoes (& even sandals) with removable insoles that can easily accommodate a custom-made orthotic. It's easiest to bring your orthotics with you when shoe shopping to insure a comfortable fit.

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