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Can my orthotics be moved between shoes?

Ensuring that your orthotics fit properly into your footwear is crucial to experiencing their full benefits. Just as a solid foundation is essential for a building, the shoe serves as the foundation for your orthotic support. When orthotics fit well within your shoes, they can provide the necessary support and comfort to address your foot-related concerns effectively.

Transferring orthotics between similar types of footwear is often feasible and practical. For example, if you have multiple pairs of athletic shoes or casual sneakers with similar footbed shapes and sizes, you may be able to interchange your orthotics between them with minimal hassle. This flexibility allows you to enjoy the benefits of your orthotics across various activities and occasions without sacrificing comfort or support.

We understand the importance of accommodating different types of footwear. Our experienced pedorthist, Angela, specializes in designing orthotics that can seamlessly integrate into a wide range of shoe styles, from athletic shoes to dress shoes and everything in between. If you're transferring your orthotics to a new pair of shoes and uncertain about the fit, it's wise to revisit your Pedorthist. They can assess the fit and make any necessary minor adjustments to the orthotics, often completing them on-site while you wait, allowing you to walk out with improved comfort.


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