Angela Quick


Canadian Certified Pedorthist
Serving Paris, St. George, Kitchener & Brantford 

Custom-made foot orthotics designed to

improve your foot function, relieve pain, & help you keep moving!

A custom-made foot orthotic is a device inserted into your shoe designed to align the foot and lower limb into a more efficient position and better manage load or forces. Excessive tissue forces can be altered allowing for injured tissues to heal and optimal function to be restored. 


The body is connected in what is called a kinetic chain, therefore the way the feet function has implications on the rest of the body. The correct footwear and foot support can act to improve function and relieve tissues of abnormal stresses, both in the foot and higher up in the kinetic chain.

Conditions often treated by a Pedorthist:

Your orthotics are designed just for you!
Keeping in mind your complaint, biomechanics, footwear preferences & activities
I'm Angela Quick, a Canadian Certified Pedorthist passionate about helping others alleviate their foot pain. Stemming from an interest in both science and sport I graduted from the University of Guelph with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Human Kinetics. Finding fascination in understanding the function and biomechanics of the human body I continued my education at the University of Western Ontario obtaining a degree in Pedorthics in 2012, and later that year became a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. 

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