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What to expect at a Pedorthic Assessment…

What to expect at a Pedorthic Assessment…

🕵️ Review of your medical and injury history – it can be helpful to bring an older pair of shoes with you to look wear and to come wearing pants that can easily be rolled up (or shorts)

🦶Biomechanical exam (weight bearing and non-weight bearing) is where things get hands-on - range of motion tests, muscle testing, functional tests, identifying bony prominences, alignment, callusing, painful points, etc.

🚶‍♀️Gait Analysis – we watch how you walk and move

👟 Treatment Options – this may include stretching exercises, strengthening, off-the-shelf insoles, custom-made foot orthotics, footwear recommendations and modifications, and referrals to other practitioners

👣 Casting for custom foot orthotics (if recommended)

📆 Schedule orthotic pick-up and follow-up appointments.


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