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Can My Orthotics Be Moved Between Shoes?

Often I get asked if orthotics will fit into multiples pairs of footwear and that depends on the orthotic design and the types of shoes you are looking to put them into. To get the full benefit of the orthotic they need to fit properly into your footwear, think of the shoe as the foundation for your orthotic. Often times orthotics can be transferred between similar types of footwear.

For example, an orthotic made to fit a running shoe will easily transfer into a hiking boot. However that same orthotic that was originally made for a running shoe may not fit or be as effective in a low volume dress shoe.

The best way to ensure a good fit in multiple pairs of footwear is to bring them all in at your initial appointment. Different types of orthotics can be designed to allow for more versatility within footwear. For example a 3/4 length orthotic may be used to accommodate footwear with varying toe box shapes.

Likewise orthotics can be designed to be sport or activity specific. An orthotic may be designed to be lower volume and narrower to accommodate a cleat or skate.

When fitting your orthotic into a new pair of shoes always remove the sock liner before inserting your orthotic. The orthotic should fit comfortably into your shoe without bunching, wrinkling or sitting up on the side of the shoe. If the orthotic is too wide, long or has a different shaped toe box than the shoe than compare the shape of the sock liner to the orthotic. The orthotic may need to be trimmed down for a proper fit in the footwear. This can be done by tracing the sock liner and carefully trimming excess from the front edge of the orthotic with scissors. If ever unsure of the fit of your orthotic revisit your Pedorthist and they can check the fit and make a small adjustment to the orthotic if needed (often done on-site while you wait).

Discreetly hidden within footwear orthotics can be effective at reducing pain and increasing mobility but a proper fitting orthotic within your footwear is essential.

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